Gibbs birth on Inside Edition

Here is Paul & Katy Gibbs’ full birth story as seen on CBS Inside Edition.

Katy’s husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  They were married in May 2012, and found out they were pregnant one week after he was deployed in June.  She was previously told that she would never have children, but was blessed with her first son, Aiden 4 years ago.  So when she found out she was pregnant again, it was quite the shock.  Since Paul has been in Afghanistan, he has missed the entire pregnancy and birth.  Katy has been through a lot the past 9 months dealing with a hemorrhage in her uterus, almost loss of their unborn son, as well as a cyst in his brain and was told he would not survive.  Luckily, everything turned out fine even after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.  She was induced on February 12, 2013.  Her husband watched via Skype, and I was there to document everything through photo and video.  I was honored to be there to capture this special day for them.

Watch Inside Edition to hear more about Katy’s story as well as see some of my birth story video on air.  To get a birth story for your upcoming birth, email me for information.   Here is the full version of her birth story to enjoy!

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-Stacey Petersen

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Video by Stacey Petersen and Corinn Cattermole of Stacey Petersen Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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