This is the 2nd birth I’ve been able to document for this family and boy was it exciting!!  Things were moving along pretty slowly at first, then BAM… Baby Isabella was born while laboring on the toilet!  Her midwife, Julie Frenette at St Mark’s Hospital, was ready for anything though and got baby here perfectly safe.  Way to go Meredith!!  You handled that induction, natural birth like a warrior!!

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Isn’t Ruger a doll?!  I had the privilege of shooting his birth story video at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake.  That was the craziest/fastest I’ve ever driven to a birth.  Made it just in time to be let into the OR to watch him be born!  Ruger has Spina Bifida, and I absolutely know that his awesome parents are going to help him along the way to take advantage of everything he has to offer!  He’s going places… let’s just say that:)

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