Birth Stories – What it’s all about

So you’re interested in a birth story, eh?


Having a baby is honestly the single moment in your life that everything changes.  Some people say that moment is your wedding, and while that might be true too, nothing will have your emotions running like the day you give birth.  Whether you decide to give birth in a hospital (even a c-section!), home, or a birthing center, I can be there for you to capture those sweet moments that you will undoubtedly miss or forget.

The way my birth stories work is this.  I shoot video AND photo.  Yup, you heard that right.  You get both.  You get the photos that capture the moment, and the video that brings you back and shows you the emotion.  I believe that a birth story with just photos is not enough.  Since I am a mom (to three awesome kiddos), I know what you are going through while giving birth.  I am very unobtrusive in the way I document your birth.  Everything that is shot will be tastefully and modestly done.  Some clients want their first time nursing caught on film, others don’t.  I will be sure to talk with you about anything that might make you feel uncomfortable so you won’t be nervous to have your friends and family watch your video or see your photos.

To see some examples, visit the birth story gallery.  There is a password on some of the videos, so just email me to get the password to the videos! I can also point you in the right direction of which videos would be similar to your situation (hospital birth medicated, un-medicated, c-section, home birth, we’ve seen it all!).

So there it is in a nutshell!  Please get a hold of me if you are interested in having my document your Utah birth story.  Because of the unpredictable nature of births, only 4 will be booked per month.  If you book early we can also set you up to do a payment plan as well!  We can also set up a gift registry for your baby showers so your friends and family can contribute to your birth story.

For pricing info, please send me a quick message with your due date and location so we can check availability.